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Visit a few communities or forums online that examine ways to make money online and you will find scores of hopeless individuals saying. "It can NOT be done without investing your own cash".

This Is Simply NOT TRUE!

DISCLAIMER: Even if I had no interest in making money, I would still have a Computer and some way to access the Internet (just for my own enjoyment) SO I do not consider that an investment any more than a movie ticket would be.

Everything else on this page is


Two simple steps can start accumulating free Bitcoin online TODAY that you can deposit for free where it will do the earning FOR YOU!


If you watch a Top Fuel Nitro Dragster, in the first few feet all you see is smoking tires spinning to gain traction, but going nowhere fast. Then in less than 4 seconds it has reached the end of a 1,000 foot track and is traveling at over 300 MPH. They used to race for 1/4 Mile, but they had to slow them down for safety.
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I know that was a greatly exagerated comparison to what I do with Bitcoin every day for free, but if you have more time than money and want to suppliment what you earn now without risking any of the money you already have, keep reading.

The first step is to register with a website I have been using for three years that pays like Fort Knox

To setup for my system, logon and click on More, Profile and Disable Lottery& Interest. Check the box to Disable Lottery so you will earn more Reward Points every day with your free rolls. in fact, my advice is to ignore anything about gambling.

At the start of each day check your registered email box for an email from them with another Free Wheel of Fortune roll that can add Reward Points and BTC. Then go to Free BTC and see if you have any bonus activated. If not, click Rewards and select Free BTC Bonus to buy the highest one you have enough Reward Points for (if any). Then goto Free BTC and take your Free Roll. DO THIS EVERY DAY.

(30,000 sounds like a lot, but it's less than $10 worth).

As long as I am near my computer, I set the Clock Timer that comes with Windows 10 for one hour to alert me to come back and take another Free Roll. If you have any other ways to earn free Bitcoin, you can click the Deposit Button at the top to grow your working balance faster. When you reach 30,000 Satoshi it starts paying about 4% Daily Compound Interest every day.

This is the point where a lot of new members say it's not worth it and give up, but even if it takes six months to reach your goal, IT IS WORTH IT! It has helped me earn Millions of Satoshi absolutely for free and they always pay.

Your next goal should be to start buying FUN Tokens to reach 12,500 that I keep locked in for six months and renew every time it matures. This not only pays 20% Interest, but you win lots of Reward Points that speed up your every day earnings.

That’s it so far!

Even More Satoshi FREE!

Most people online use the Chrome Browser, but they are leaving money on the table. So my second step was an improvement on Chrome with several drawbacks fixed and it is noticably faster. Then as long as I am online I have it open to collect a trickle of Satoshi free to deposit in their NC Wallet that pays me 6% Interest compounded every day. No waiting and no minimums and no transaction fees.

Download, Install and Make It Your Default

Just to show you that it adds up, this is what I had after the first 5 weeks using NC Wallet

Here is the same account after another month of free deposits and interest.

And if you don't think it adds up over time (mostly in my sleep).

Shhhh . . . What is it that you don't like about FREE MONEY?

How To Reach Me

Alternate Contact Method

Due to the common practice of spammers collecting email addresses from anyone foolish enough to include them on a page like this, I suggest we use an alternative. Grab a free membership to a Paid To Post Forum I visit a lot, where you can leave me a Private Message any time and add a few pennies to your stash on the side to feed this system.

You may think it's not worth it to post for a penny or so, but it's the relationships you build that bring in the real money. Get a free account and follow me around for a while and you will see.

If you want a page like this (now or later), send me a message on Forum Coin (after you SIGN UP for $1 hosting) with your username and password. I will grab your profile image from Forum Coin to use on your page and set it up for you. Also include your referral link for each of the websites so you get credit.If you are more the DIY type, look on my YouTube Channel for help.

Once we establish contact and determine we have common interests for our mutual benefit, I will be happy to provide easier methods to communicate.

Forums That Pay Me

Both of these are free to register and use to earn for posting. I have accounts on them and visit often, so look for Oldbuddy.

They do charge a fee to withdraw earnings, but if you contact me I can buy your coins from you and pay you in Bitcoin directly to your Faucet account, so you will have no fees to pay for the transactions.

Forum Coin

Here's the BRAND NEW ONE you can pre-register now and be approved October Second
Discussion Bucks

These are both free to register and use.

There is plenty of help available on the Forums, so just browse around and you can learn how things work.

See You There!

My Proof

This is NOT a get rich overnight plan, but it will allow you to get to where I am now (taking money out regularly) using only free money you earn online and does not take a lot of time each day. I am retired with nowhere to go and all day to get there, so I am in front of my computer a lot anyway.

The website I have used the longest (FreeBitco.in) where I currently have accumulated over 800,000 Satoshi in my Working Balance plus another 187,500 Satoshi worth of FUN Tokens that mature October 30.

If that is not enough proof to show you that it does work (because I did it and I will help you do it too), just get started free TODAY and follow what I show you. You will soon have proof from the one person you will NEVER dispute. That person is yourself and the iron clad gold plated evidence will be right in front of your eyes in your own account balances.

I would wish you luck, but you don't need luck with this plan. Just Do It.